Nazlı Barutçu & Bogdan Kalchev

Nazli started dancing Lindy hop in 2010 after many years of professional sports career. This dance form has changed her life at the first rock step forever. She brings her sports background into dancing which gives her a dynamic and athletic look. She teaches and performs regularly in Istanbul and in international workshops. She’s also a Swing DJ both locally and internationally. She travels as much as she can to share the spirit on the dance floor.

Bogdan was introduced to swing dancing at the tender age of 15 and hasn’t stopped since. He grew along with the dance scene in Sofia, Bulgaria where he fell in love with the music, the dancing and the community. As part of the Crazy Bulgaria teaching crew he is known for his musicality, improvisation and conversation that are at the heart of his dancing and teaching. You may have seen him dancing until the very last song at Herrang, Dragon Swing, and anywhere else he can win himself a free pass.