DJ Deniz Can

A devout metalhead since the age of 13, Deniz Can’s lindy hop adventure began by accepting an invitation to accompany his wife to classes so that she could avoid the long waiting period for single followers. Gentlemen come in all shapes!

In no time at all, he himself became almost obsessed with the swing community in İstanbul, especially in Şaşkınbakkal. Always looking forward to the next class and party, he started to spend most of his spare time researching and discovering music. He enjoyed listening to DJ’s and live bands at events just as much as dancing and it was hard to get him off the DJ set after the first chance he was given. He became the Head DJ of Swing İstanbul, following in the footsteps of great predecessors.

As a rhythm lover and drummer, Deniz Can prefers tracks containing high energy and always includes Duke Ellington and Illinois Jacquet in his sets. He considers Count Basie and Oscar Peterson as geniuses. In recent years Jazz has undoubtedly been the dominant power in his life, but he’s never lost his interest in Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock, R&B and Hip Hop.